Benefits of Buying an HDTV Online

It's time to buy a new high-definition TV, and you're wondering whether you'll find the best bargain through a "brick and mortar" retailer or an online venue.

Our advice? Buy online.

The Internet offers better pricing on HDTVs, a greater selection of models and features, and the same extended warranties you can purchase in a store and coupon codes and deals to make the offer even more enticing.

The Internet also helps you avoid that perky salesperson who will stalk you through the electronics department of that big box store, reciting the relative merits of Panasonic versus Samsung, if you so much as ask him a question.

Finally, the Internet features money-saving HDTV coupon codes and TV promo codes on both distributors' and manufacturers' sites that will help make your purchase price even less expensive.


A few years ago, HDTVs were an expensive proposition with limited programming. Today, entry-level high-def TV models are $600, and all three of the major national satellite companies support the format. HDTV really does create a better viewing experience.

TV Pricing Online

TVs are almost always less expensive when you buy them online. Brick and mortar stores have to pay the overhead associated with operating a physical facility. This includes commercial rent, labor costs and utilities. Ecommerce websites do not incur these expenses. They are in a position to pass on their savings to their customers. They can sell HDTVs for less, and still earn a profit.

TV Selection Online

Physical stores have a finite amount of space. Big Box stores may be able to stock the better-known brands' most popular models. Chances are, though, they will not carry off-brand products, and off-brand products can be a bargain. An HDTV ecommerce website, on the other hand, will be able to offer you an almost infinite number of selections.

Of course, looking at a photo of a TV set and reading a description of its features online is not the same as a hands-on experience with the product. We recommend going to a store and familiarizing yourself with the product models that pique your interest before you buy online.

Keep in mind, though, that your store experience with an HDTV will be very different from your home experience. For one thing, the lighting in the store will be different from the lighting in your home, and that will affect the picture quality. For another, the model is likely to be placed at a height that is different from the one you would use in your home.

TV Warranties Online

It isn't our place here to argue the virtues of extended warranties. Some consumers like them, and some consumers do not. Most consumer advocacy groups recommend against them.

Nevertheless, if you are one of the millions of consumers who wants an extended warranty as added protection against expensive repairs and replacement, you'll be delighted to learn that not only can you can purchase an extended warranty online, but that sometimes they're actually cheaper online. Chances are you also have some warranty protection through the credit card you will be using to purchase your HDTV online as well.

TV Coupon Codes

HDTV coupon codes are available on retail websites, electronics manufacturers' websites, and on websites that specialize on aggregating coupons and other money-saving offers. Coupon codes can offer significant savings on both the product and its shipping costs, but they are generally only valid for a limited period of time. See how easy to it is to use an online coupon code here. If you are thinking of buying an HDTV online, check your favorite retailer below to see what kind of deals are available now.

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